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I'm a wife, sister, daughter, and mother of 4 daughters who started her journey with hair at the tender age of 10. Practicing on myself as well as close friends and family I discovered that I had the talent to do hair.  I studied cosmetology while in high school to have an income during my years in college as well as later in life as I continued to perfect my craft. I recently graduated from Franklin Barber Institute in July 2020.   


In 2004-2007 I worked for TGF Haircutters.  I often worked from home doing traditional weaves, braids, and more on the side. I take pride in my work and continue to strive for healthy hair by implementing techniques I have learned throughout the years.  


The art of creating a beautiful style on one's crown is amazing. I continue elevating my craft by attending continuing education classes/courses throughout the year. It takes the right technique to provide a lasting style. I aim for each one of my clients to not only leave feeling like family but also loving their style.  I intend to style each king and queen leaving a lasting  IMPRESSION!  

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